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Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura

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L'incredibile posatoio per galline Freestanding vi consentirà di creare una divertentissima, opportunamente portatile, struttura divertimento in giardino! Aggiungi fino a 5 trespoli e posizionali all'altezza e orientamento che desiderate per le vostre galline.

Acquista l'intera gamma del posatoio Freestanding con il Kit avventura! Cinque resistenti trespoli in eucalipto, perfetti se volete creare una scala a chiocciola per galline o se avete un po' più di galline che vogliono appollaiarsi insieme. Il kit include anche una banderuola che va in cima al palo, un dischetto per premietti che si avvolge attorno al palo che potrete riempire con prelibatezze per incoraggiare le galline a scalare l'albero.

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Trespolo libero
Amano questo albero delle galline
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Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura

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looks great in my chicken garden
The free range pole tree is well designed! I was worried it would fall over with my full sized chickens, but no, it's very sturdy. The perches are made of high quality, well sanded, solid wood. It looks great in my chicken garden! I have had it up for about 2 weeks now, and my chickens are still somewhat getting used to it. A couple chickens do love jumping up and perching, but some others just don't have interest. I guess they're missing out!
Review for: Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura
If I could give more than 5 stars I would
My girls love the Free Range. We are in the middle of flockdown due to H5N1. I was desperate to find enrichment for my flock. Enter the Free Range. It fits perfectly in our temporary run for right now. I love that you can move the Free Range to other places in the yard easily. It has been a lovely edition to our coop and has entertained our girls for hours. Once flockdown is over I will be moving the Free Range to their other run. The fact it is portable is so nice because the girls won’t get bored with it. They love jumping on the arrow that moves and the girls enjoy the treat dish. It was very easy to assemble and has been easy to clean. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
Review for: Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura
We love our Omlet FreeRange chicken perch!
We love that it is portable. We can bring it over by the patio to hang out with the ladies while we enjoy some sunshine and easily move it to the garden when we are doing work in there. The stakes screw in very easily. It seems quite sturdy and solid and to be made of high quality materials. The spinning weathervane is adorable and the treat dish is handy for mealworms and veggies. It is nice that you can keep changing the placement of the different pieces so it doesn’t get boring. When we aren’t using it around our yard we put it in the run for the ladies to use in there. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase for coops in the future!
Review for: Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura
I loved this product
I loved this product and so did one of my hen's..I like the fact that I could move it about, the pegs kept it in place and it never fell over,just needed a little twist now and again, as the hen's would scratch the dirt about getting the food that had dropped from the containers..the only problem I found was the cleaning of the little green food cups,I found them awkward to clean ,then I lost the screw..I would highly recommend it,and as we had lock down, it kept the hen's entertained, and gave my lower ranking hen a place to rest.
Review for: Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura
We love it!
An Omleteer,
After a few minutes the first one started climbing up the perches to get to the treat holder. Me and her were very excited when she managed to pick the first treats! They are currently in a confined area and really enjoy the additional entertainment. The design is lovely too, perfectly suits our garden!
Review for: Posatoio per galline Freestanding - Kit avventura
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