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Ciotola per cani di Omlet - Blu tempesta - Small

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Do dogs eat with their noses?

Super smelling powers aside, the shape and size of dogs’ muzzles affect how they eat. From pugs to poodles, we carefully considered breeds’ needs and designed our sleek new dog bowls accordingly.

Wide openings provide space to savour supper. Anti topple technology and steep sides prevent spills during dinner.

We didn’t overlook the wait staff either, with easy pick up design and dishwasher safe material.

Available in sizes S, M & L in three stylish but understated shades; soft, clean green Sage, neutral yet noteworthy Chalk and deep blue, sultry Storm.

  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes
  • Stylish and durable melamine
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy pick up design
  • Engineered to prevent spills and toppling
  • Domande Frequenti

    Small: Diametro: 17cm, H: 5cm
    Medium: Diametro: 21cm, H: 6cm
    Large: Dia: 26cm, H: 7,5cm

    Small: 0,5L / 2 tazze
    Medium: 1L / 4 tazze
    Large: 2L / 8 tazze
    Ciotola: Melamina
    Piedini: Gomma

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    Ciotola per cani di Omlet - Blu tempesta - Small

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